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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Over halfway there :)

It is so hard to believe that Olivia will be here in 18 weeks. Whoa! It doesn't seem like I am that far along. I feel her move now so it is real to me, but I am not showing much yet so I tend to forget at times. I also feel fantastic which is nice. My migraines have finally subsided which is wonderful. They were so much worse this time and I was scared they would last the entire pregnancy.

Next week I have another u/s. During my previous anatomy scan they could not get a good look at the heart so we will have a look see next week. I am excited since she will be bigger and hopefully get a good picture this time. Then the 3rd week of January I have my glucose test. And around that time I will have reached viability. I will be very happy to reach that mark. Having had pre-eclampsia with my first pregnancy I am nervous about having it again. It hit last time at 34 weeks and the possibility exists that it will happen again and maybe even earlier. My BP has remained steady and normal which is good, but it did last time as well. I will just be glad to get past 24 weeks and every week thereafter.

This week we begin cleaning out the office/storage/spare/craft room. It is a daunting task!! But I want it finished by the beginning of April just to be sure that it is finished before Olivia makes her appearance. I have her bedding set and know how the room will be painted. I am trying to decide whether to sell my dark furniture and buy white or just keep it. I would prefer white but don't really want to hassle of changing it all. We shall see.

We have most of the big items that we need except a car seat and I want a sit and stand stroller. Maddie will be almost 4 when Olivia is born and while she won't need a stroller often it will be nice to have one that she can use as well. Other than that we have most everything. It is starting to get real here, peeps!!!!

I hope that everyone is doing well. And for those getting ready to cycle I pray that you all have great success.


  1. This is really happening!!! So happy for you.

  2. I can't believe you are over halfway either! It seems like you were just announcing your beta numbers last week! :)

  3. So great to hear from you! I think of you often- glad things are going so well!!!

  4. So exciting! I'll keep everything crossed the rest of your pregnancy goes perfectly and you don't have to worry about a thing. :)

  5. So exciting!!! I also worry about preclampsia with this pregnancy so definitely understand that fear. Really hoping neither of us experience it during our current pregnancies! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way and hope that everything continues smoothly!

  6. Yay! Only 18 weeks!
    I do recommend the sit-and-stand stroller. I have one and it works great. Even though Maddie may not "need" the stroller it is nice to contain my kids at times. :)

  7. Woot woot! So exciting! I, too, am a fan of having baby named before birth. It's so nice to be able to talk about "Olivia" than baby. 18 weeks to go :)


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