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Friday, July 13, 2012

Clinics with EA/D programs?

I have a list of clinics that I know for a fact that have EA/D programs and am trying to keep it updated. I have found a few more clinics to add but if you know of one that is not currently on my list (link above) please post it here or email me at agreateryesblog @ gmail.com. Please include as much information as possible: Name, location (or link with that information), costs, if a home study is required,  approx. wait time and if it is for current patients only.

I know that there is a sit that has a list of clinic but I have found that list to be incredibly inaccurate.  Finding clinics is so difficult and I am trying to compile a list to make it easier for those that are just beginning the process. Thanks!!

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  1. Thank you Jess for posting such a list. I've been working my way through the 'inaccurate' list you referenced (I think) and it's so frustrating. I'm so grateful to be able to walk right behind you and benefit from your hard work and wisdom.


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